We value many things including authenticity, creativity, beauty, comfort, friendship, family and love. We hold several core beliefs about entertaining and its role in our lives and those beliefs serve as the foundation of everything we do.

our values


Our mission is to bring out the best host or hostess inside of you, so that you can create lasting memories and traditions from gatherings of your own making.

our mission


Dinnertain has a long and storied history ahead of itself but for now it’s a gathering place for those who love all things entertaining and a wellspring of inspiration to do just that.

our history



dinnertain is a gathering place for those who love

we believe...

with your own two hands.

We believe in making things

on that which you create.

We believe in leaving your own personal touch

make ordinary things special.

We believe in finding ways to

maintaining traditions.

We believe in creating and

with friends and family.

We believe in sharing sensory experiences

through thoughtful effort.

We believe in showing love

without breaking the bank.

We believe in doing these things

fun and never stressful.

We believe that doing all of these things should be

I was going to have a fabulous Friendsgiving dinner party and be the hostess I was always meant to be. It ended up being a raucous night of fun but I quickly learned that hosting was much more than being able to set a beautiful tablescape. I also learned, that being the person who brings friends and family together for good food, wine, laughter and a beautiful ambiance, is one of the best feelings in the world.

To express your creativity and love to the people you care about all with one gesture...is there anything better? Since then my entertaining skills have improved leaps and bounds and each time I host something I find myself outdoing my last benchmark.

 I now find myself volunteering or being volunteered to host events for all the life events of my friends and family on a regular basis. And it is at this point, I want everyone to feel as excited and happy about entertaining as I do. To become the hosts they were always meant to be. Welcome to Dinnertain!

As I left home for college and graduate school and then entered the professional world of advertising, I took a long hiatus from exercising my entertaining skills. After living in several small, shared apartments that didn’t foster a healthy entertaining appetite, I finally moved into my own apartment that was big enough to have a long dinner table and thus the fire was ignited.

However, it wasn’t until then that I realized that I had never really been a hostess. I had only really helped my mother be one.

I decided to host my first Friendsgiving in the fall of 2012. The sofa I purchased for the apartment didn’t fit up the stairwell when I moved in, so I had nowhere for my guests to sit except for a handful of cheap folding chairs I purchased at Target and lugged up the stairs. I also had never even cooked a chicken, let alone a 20 pound turkey, and I was not married, so my cupboards were not outfitted with stacks of brand new matching flatware and beverage-specific glassware. But I was not deterred, gosh darnit!

Being the person who brings friends and family together...is one of the best feelings in the world!


My name is Stacey Subject, and I live in Chicago, Illinois. Dinnertain is my long sought after passion project with hopes of becoming even much more.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve had a zest for entertaining. My mother, one of my biggest inspirations, was a master hostess, taking notice of every detail and ensuring that each time we invited friends and family into our home they were met with authentic homemade food and handmade decor.

The devil was in the details and no detail was too small to do the right way. My favorite part of any gathering was setting up the table. In the 90s people weren’t yet using the phrase “tablescape” let alone, posting pictures of them on social media, but I was already hooked.

I became known among my family members as the person who would always set the table, scavenging my parent’s house for hidden items I could turn into treasures and incorporate into my vision. 





A fun fact about our name: Dinnertain is a play on words combining my love of entertaining with my love of the endangered art of dinner parties (Which we plan to bring back in full force!).

In 2012, while helping some friends brainstorm bachelorette party ideas, I started pondering what I would want to do for my own potential bachelorette party. All I kept thinking was, I would want to have a big dinner party at someone’s home. 

We could bring in a chef, get a dressed up, play some great music. It would be great.  

I randomly thought to myself, I wonder if there is a company that does that? Perhaps I could do that? For a split second I pondered the idea of creating a business that did that and what it would be called. Dinnertain popped into my head and hasn’t left since. While the concept has changed, the passion for entertaining has remained.





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